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Restrictions on Downloading and Software


Courtesy of Hansol

I’m currently mulling over a new initiative by the local authority (LA) which is apparently set to ultimately affect everyone working within local authorities. We have been recently issued with notice that we won’t be able to download anything from the internet or upload any software onto LA computers. This is due to the recent very public issues government (in most forms) has faced with losing lists, confidentiality etc. If I want to continue using the computer as I do now then I will need to make a special case and get special approval to do so.

I’ve been reflecting on how this will now affect peoples’ practice. What does this mean for me? Well I use a number of online tools which (to be used more effectively) I need to download some software, or equally if I’ve done work on line using these tools and if I want to be able to use what I’ve been working on I need to be able to download things. (Documents from Google Docs, using online bookmarks like Delicious, downloading supporting photos from Flickr, mind maps from bubblus, etc etc).

I also download various PDF files to read them and to disseminate the information to others, including young people. That’s without thinking of the additional software I need for doing some of the video editing I’ve been involved in (although I usually use my own computer for that anyway but it doesn’t negate the feeling that this directive brings) and also what about music, podcasts etc?!?!  In an era where we are trying to encourage and develop more collaborative ways of working it feels like I’m about to be chained to the past by what feels like a knee jerk (although no doubt well thought through in parts) reaction!

Part of my mulling is to challenge myself. Is this just my reaction to Change or actually do I have some valid arguements? Your thoughts would be welcome!

Some interesting links (or so I think)

Map of Online Communities by D'Arcy Norman

Map of Online Communities by D'Arcy Norman

On a couple of blogs I’ve seen a round up of sites and whilst I’ve been doodling around the net I’ve bumped into a few that I thought I would share in a quick hit whilst they are in my head (and high up on my delicious site!)

I found this through Flickr put together by D’Arcy Norman I don’t quite know what I’m going to do with the site, here at TouchGraph but it sure looks pretty! A bit like the Digg Labs Swarm

Youth Participation / Online Civic Engagement

Have a look here at Building Democracy where there is a new fund to support innovative ways to increase participation. With a forum to float ideas there are some interesting ideas and there must be some more youth ones we can develop.

There is also some interesting research and information about youth engagement at Engaged Youth

Well, that’s my first few…..more to come soon!

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