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Social Media Strategy developments

As I’ve detailed before I’m responsible for developing our Social Media strategy. To kick start this the social media staff group (made up of colleagues from across the service) had some training from Mediasnackers. Following that we have had a few discussions but due to pressure of time we haven’t been able to move as quickly on this as I would have hoped. 

Courtesy of Dave Press

Courtesy of Dave Press

However a couple of colleagues went to the UKyouthonline unconference and have developed some more ideas and finally we’re now able to support and finance this group meeting up once every 6 weeks to both talk, share, develop and practice online social networking, social media skills and explore the free tools available. I think this will be a real asset to our work and starts to get youth workers skilled up and versed in using the various tools out there and understanding how they could / might affect their work.

I’m really pleased that we’ve got this far, especially as this is only a part of our regular work.  I’m now looking forward to pulling together a lot of the information that we’ve collected to put together our own strategy and to look at how we can maximise opportunities for young people. Watch this space!

UKYouthOnline Unconference

Wow! I’m really disappointed that I missed the UkYouthOnline unconference on Saturday. It sounds like it was a great day with a meeting of like minded people involved in youth work, social media technology and a range of other professions. A huge thanks must go to Tim Davies who has been a real driving force not only in setting up and running UkYouthOnline but also in organising the conference. Having not been there it’s hard for me to report on it however there are a host of posts coming through, try a few of these as well as visiting the main site for more on all things Internet, young people, youthwork, social and INNOVATIVE!!

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