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Using online resources

We’ve just had a great Senior Management awayday where we’ve been looking at how we move towards an Integrated Youth Support and Development Service. We’ve had the opportunity to reflect on our current structures (especially teams, meetings and work groups) to see how they support our vision and delivery. This is the start of a long journey as we are only just beginning to flesh out what the future of the service, it’s management structures and processes might be and we will be discussing these at all levels of the organisation.

What I thought was really interesting was how far we’ve come in our thinking about using online resources, social media etc to enhance and support our own structures as well as how we use them with young people. Since our conference with DK from Mediasnackers we’ve started to think differently and to reflect on how we can use these different tools. (This is still with little knowledge but at least the heart is willing!)bcukyouth7

For instance today we were talking much more about having online discussion opportunities rather than always having to meet face to face. I’m really interested in this at the moment as I’ve been participating on the UK Youth Online site that Tim Davies has set it up as a space to share ideas and info for people interested in online work and using online technology with young people. (Badge courtesy of Mike Amos Simpson)

Tim has already started some useful discussions about different aspects of youth work on line and it’s interesting to discuss issues that many of us are grappling with or starting to (for instance drawing up policies on online / Social networking sites use etc.)

I’m amazed that (more…)

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