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So little time to….!!!! It’s been an interesting time at work as I try to juggle everything and part of that is choosing what to blog and when. As ever the job is so varied that if I don’t concentrate it can all become a bit of blur (and that could get decidely confusing for everyone!) Fortunately our new Senior Manager started last week (phew and welcome!) and I can now start to hand over some of the work I have been holding.  (And also share and develop some of our interesting areas such as publicising our Positive Activities). Once I have done that I can start to concentrate in more depth on some of my specific areas like Curriculum Development, Targeted Youth Support (which actually seem to be able to cover most things!!)

One of the interesting things that I picked up on recently was this video from Dan Meyer

which made me wonder how we might use this sort of technology for informal work with young people. The thing that still strikes me most is the lack of statutory youth workers exploring this medium and really looking at it to see how we can change some of what we do. There are so many young people from faith groups and indeed faith based youth workers who are posting and contributing to the conversations and yet it is still very quiet on the statutory side. Still, one of our mottos at the moment is “Build and they will come” (Field of Dreams) so lets wait and see!

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