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Update on Restrictions to downloading and software

Thanks to all those who have commented. I have since been in touch with the project managers of this initiative to gain more information as I couldn’t quite believe what they were saying! What I’ve had back to date is the following:

“You will be OK with downloading Document and Photos, but please ensure you save to My documents or a shared drive on the server. At the moment you receive notifications that new versions of the SW you mention (these were java, quicktime, adobe, etc to name a few) is available for download. This will not be possible once Admin Rights are removed. In most cases you will still be able to read or run applications that use Adobe etc. using an older versions. In a few instances this may not be possible and if this happens you should raise a call so that this can be resolved on an individual basis. The longer term approach will be to deploy updates centrally on a regular basis to ensure everyone is running the latest versions…..If you continue to upgrade common software when prompted you should be up to date when the Admin Rights are removed and not experience any immediate issues.”

So it would seem that most of the downloading is secure provided I have already got the software downloaded when the changes come into place. I’m not sure though how it is going to affect other areas which require some software to be downloaded to the computer. My immediate concerns seem to have been laid to rest but knowing how the LA operate I still don’t expect it to be an easy journey!!

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