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Social Media for advertising

It’s been interesting for me to discover and see how different organisations are trying to encourage and make use of different media to attract young people. I have been struck by two organisations using YouTube recently,

Firstly V who are currently promoting the V Cashpoint scheme which is looking to fund small youth-led projects which are aimed at filling a gap within a given community. (Needs to be young people aged 16-25yrs). They are using YouTube –

& have a Channel on site.

It was interesting and reassuring that charities like this are using public sites where we know that young people hang out to try and publicise their services.

I’ve also been struck by how Thad White over in Alaska is promoting the activities for Third Place Youth.

 The way in which he’s done this and added it to the blog strikes me as a way in which we could look at how we fulfil our part in promoting postive activities – perhaps having a real live announcements section on our county youth website? Has anyone else ot any other exampkes of promoting youth activities like this? – I know there are a number for media competitions but how about just promoting what is happening in the youth centre?

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