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Starting Out

Well, I’m just starting out on this project and hope that it’s going to prove it’s worth as I start to suss out and discover how all the ‘new’ media can be used to help support the youthwork that I do and manage. It’s amazing what I am discovering as I slowly learn and navigate my way through the morass of information that you can dig up through googling and simple connecting from link to link.

And I’m not even at work at the moment….just doing it for fun!

Having just gone back over the Mediasnackers site I’ve discovered that there’s an interesting event over in Ireland, the Youth Media Democr&cy that looks like it could have a lot more info and discussion points. I think I’m away then, maybe I can source a colleague to go to check things out. I’ve been tasked, or will be once we have some more managers on board, to put together a strategy to develop our use of social media as well as to move our website forward. I’m not at all techie so learning very slowly how to get around all this.

Well, got to go – work will come around all to soon and need to be fresh tomorrow to finish off the volunteering strategy and move offices!

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