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Using Images, video and other media online

Well, I’ve finally set up a SNS as a place for colleagues involved in developing the Social Media Strategy to discuss and share ideas. We’ve used Ning to do this and will see how it goes. It’s already been pretty active today and I think everyone who’s been invited have managed to find their way there. The discussions so far have been about what sort of areas we need to consider for the strategy.

Number one that tends to rear it’s head (as always) is safeguarding for both youth workers and young people. Mixed with this, although raising it’s own queries is the use of images and video, in particular YouTube. I have a whole heap of mixed questions / concerns / feelings / uncertainty / fear about this area and am trying to sort my way through them.

Taken by James Huenink

(Orange Question Mark Button courtesy of James Huenink)

On the whole I don’t view using images & video on the internet as scarey and then someone comes along with a strong opposite view which then leads me to question mine and think that maybe I should be more concerned. I have a number of questions which others may or may not know the answers to…..I will also post across on UK Youth Online to see if there’s any comments or pointers over there.

Firstly – postings on YouTube. Other organisations are obviously doing this, including some youth services. What sort of consent do you need to post video images of young people on here or similar sites? I’m asking because I know that individuals or groups post their own clips or clips showing other people. Is this ok if they are doing the posting? Do people advise young people what could happen to the video bites that they are posting?

It has been suggested by a colleague that if we decide to use YouTube (or something similar) as a service we might need to consider ‘locking’ the posts so that no one else can use them. If you do that then it inhibits some of the sharing that we might want to be doing with it. Potentially one of the issues (more…)

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