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APYCO Blogging!

It’s the APYCO Conference – Creating Shared Space, making integration work – and there’s some interesting comments and proposals on changes within the association. How do I know this? Well, in case you hadn’t picked it up – the Association of Principal Youth and Community Officers has now started a blog, with the major support of Tim Davies. So if you’re interested in youth work and what they’re saying you might want to check it out. It’s a great way of bringing more of the youth work community on line. Who knows, perhaps more of them will start blogging!

And another Conference!

This time a West Sussex County Council one. The main aim of it was to look at Assessment Frameworks and see how we undertake our needs analysis when looking at families, children and young people. Overall it was a good day however as we all align more closely with (or indeed become) integrated services it is interesting to see and listen to the language used and the different professional basis that individuals are working from. For instance today there was a lot of talk and discussion about multi agency working and working together however the language used was still very much from a Social Services background which doesn’t always resonate with people from other settings.

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