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APYCO Blogging!

It’s the APYCO Conference – Creating Shared Space, making integration work – and there’s some interesting comments and proposals on changes within the association. How do I know this? Well, in case you hadn’t picked it up – the Association of Principal Youth and Community Officers has now started a blog, with the major support of Tim Davies. So if you’re interested in youth work and what they’re saying you might want to check it out. It’s a great way of bringing more of the youth work community on line. Who knows, perhaps more of them will start blogging!

Communities in control, real people, real power!

Communities in controlFor those of you who haven’t picked it up yet Hazel Blears is blogging this week here on Communities and Local Government.  An interesting exercise where she is looking for information and feedback on the Communities in Control, real people, real power (white paper).

I’ve been very interested to see the white paper and in particular to note what has been written concerning young people. There is an element that I am confused by in the statement in 4.19 where it states that

“The Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF) has provided discrete funding for young people to control – the Youth Opportunity Fund and the Youth Capital Fund. These funds will enable local authorities to develop new approaches to strategic investment in youth activities and facilities, particularly in deprived areas.”

As a local authority managing the YOF & YCF we have worked extremely hard to ensure that the funding has gone to grassroots level and engages with as many young people as possible. To this extent we have 24 young people led forums which are true to the nature of the fund where young people have the responsibility for bidding into and allocating such funding. What I am confused by is the second part of the statement concerning the use of such funds to strategically invest in youth activities and facilities? This leads to some interesting conversations concerning who has control of such funding and how we involve young people in making decisions that are truely theirs or token only? Or indeed how do we influence and encourage them to make strategic decisions? It just leads me to wonder whether there is a true and clear understanding of how these funds are managed across the country.

I was also interested in the section about Empowering Young People . It (more…)

The pros and the cons…..

….of blogging!

I’ve been reflecting on my blogging journey so far and wondering how this is helping me, or not, in the day job.


1. Information:- I have to say I’m fascinated by what I can find out in the blogosphere and the amount of different information that I can find. It’s definately stretching my understanding of the internet and how it is used. In fact I’ve just recently discovered which I’m really excited about as I can now carry all those websites that I’ve bookmarked with me wherever I go. (Great for when you’re hot desking as we do with such a large county to travel around.)

2. Reflection:-It’s been helpful being able to have the opportunity to think more on aspects of my work. Through writing about them I have to really try and get to grips with what I’m thinking about a certain area and my own views on it. It also helps me to focus on these topics and formulate my ideas which leads me on to number ….

3. Sharing:- these ideas with others and hearing what they have to say about them. I know the community is small at the moment but I live in hope that we will expand (and we are slowly) and the dialogue I’ve already had with different people has triggered more thoughts and ideas I didn’t even know I had!


1. Time:- even when I’m at my desk reading or working something out it takes time to think and blogging is no exception! Finding the time to write is difficult and sometimes it’s hard to justify why I’m writing on here. However I know that if I am to develop my practice and learn more then I do need to spend time on my own personal development and have to ‘allow’ myself that space, it’s just when there are a lot of competing demands I’m not always sure that this is the best use of my time.

2. Distractions:- (this kinda fits with the one above). As much as I By KiwiMikexfind the information and leads on here and others blogs fascinating I think that sometimes it’s distracting and in no time at all I have spent around an hour on the computer, been to China, the States, Australia and become bemused yet again by the amount of Christian Youth work information that is out there compared to the statutory stuff and this leads to my head becoming….

3. Overloaded! Sometimes there is just so much there that it can seem like a big vast ocean. The knack is trying to narrow down the information and ideas into useable, concrete things that I can then develop or look at using within my current work.

Well, these are few of my musings for this evening. Any suggestions as to how to manage the cons would be welcome and any other thoughts on what you get out of blogging would be interesting!


Welcome to…..

… the lurkers!!! Yep, I’ve heard that there are folk out there looking in at what I’m writing and also my stats say so too, I just don’t know who! Thanks to those who have commented to date, it’s really helpul to get ideas and suggestions and also to have a dialogue about youth work and some of our issues. I’ve recently been challenged in some of my thinking on accreditation by Mike over at the Late Breakfast Society blog and am still mulling it over at the moment. More to come on that later!

For those of you who are maybe dropping by then do please feel free to comment – especially if there is something of interest (or not) here. It’s a tad lonely out here in cyberspace 😦 I’d love to join others in talking about some of the key issues that are important to us right now. I know there’s so many things going on in my head that it’s difficult to know where to start sometimes.

Well, that’s just a quick up date for today as I have a presentation to prepare for the County Staff Day tomorrow on European and International Youth Work and it’s going to be an early start. Can’t wait to hear from you!!!! 🙂 🙂

Online Youth Work Community

WOW! 🙂 I’ve been away for a week (hence the quiet) and it’s all been happening! Firstly welcome to Dave Petrie an Advanced Practitioner from Essex who has started his own blog. It’s great to have someone else to share this journey with:)  Having decided before going on leave to be more transparent DK wrote a bit about this blog on the Mediasnackers report and the word is now out! Thanks DK and sorry to have disrupted your campaign!:(

I’m really hopeful of developing a network and online youth work community and have started to discover sites and forums that I didn’t know existed before through following others links. For example through tracking some of the referrers to here I discovered this youth worker forum where some good discussions are being had.

Anyways, the thought of an online community got me to thinking about the on the ground community of youth workers and how we share (or don’t!) our experiences face to face. (more…)

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