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Just for fun!

I picked this up from Prophetik Soul’s Blog

I hadn’t seen it before and it made me laugh and also reflect on its implications for my work!


Comments on: "Just for fun!" (3)

  1. ron aka prosoul said:

    Interesting stuff seems like you are at the policy/programmatic level of youth work. I assume you are employed by a government agency. In the states, it seems like those who are most advanced in youth work are employed by nonprofit orgs.

  2. billybean said:

    Hi Ron

    Yes, I’m employed through local government although here in the UK we also have a thriving nonprofit youth sector. I would hope that we are all advancing together in youth work however I feel that the nonprofit / voluntary sector have more flexibility to be creative but also less certainty around funding.

  3. lol now there’s the start of an interesting debate. That was the main reason I moved from a local authority position to work for a charity (a long time ago) – the flexibility I mean not that it was ‘more advanced’ 😉

    Very scary though to then start and be given a single sheet of paper with a few vague contacts on it, a £20k budget and told to get on with it. Worked out pretty well in the end but when you get to a point where everything you’ve done and various projects and peoples jobs depend on whether your funding bid is successful thats not such a nice position to be in.

    re. the film I’ve seen it before and still didn’t spot it!

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