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I was having a wander around the internet and checking on my Google Reader feeds this morning (gosh, I am getting technical with my speak!) when I came across this post from Vicki Davis on the Cool Cat Teacher Blog. I’ve followed the Flat Classroom project a little and also the Flat Classroom Conference.  and love the idea of this work. I suppose I’m now wondering how we might use this in youth work? Or perhaps someone already is and I don’t know about it?!

When I look online it always feels as though schools and education in some ways are so much more advanced in how they use social media then informal education (or maybe that should be the statutory youth sector?) I think there is a lot we can learn from here. thinkingAt the moment I’m reflecting on the West Sussex China Exchange last year and wondering if we have another visit next year how could we link ‘virtually’ to others here in the UK…or before we do that perhaps there is someone interested in how we join up virtually across the country and work on a subject together? Hmm……definately food for thought!

Comments on: "Virtual International Youth Work?!?" (1)

  1. Linking virtually is something that needs to be done with all organizations that work with youth. One organization that will provide some resources is tiged — taking IT global. They allow sort of an informal link up with youth activists and helps them link up for their causes.

    But yes, this can be done in any platform — of course many “causes” spread through setting up of pages on facebook, and this is a great place to start if this is part of their personal lives (something we don’t really want to do in school.)

    Kids are doing this already but we need to make sure that there are constructive places to participate!

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