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One Year On

We have just had our youth service conference and it dawned on me that a year ago at the 2008 conference I was so inspired by DKs presentation from Mediasnackers that I decided to start blogging…..and what an adventure it’s been! Today I was at a meeting when someone asked me if I was the  ‘billybean’ writing this blog (which they would have known if they’d checked out the about page!) I admitted that I was although I have to say that for some reason or other  I am still somewhat embarrassed when I admit to blogging. I”m not quite sure why….sometimes I think people think that you have to be a bit odd or computery to blog, or perhaps you’ve got no friends etc. Naturally only a part of this is true!!:)

Courtesy of stuart~'sMy blogging adventure has been a wide ranging and fascinating one and has really opened up my eyes to a whole new resource that I can use in developing youth services here in West Sussex. I mentioned how it had impacted on me in this post here six months ago. I get frustrated on a daily basis that I am not more computer literate as I love the designs and looks of other blogs and wish I could add more ‘bells and whistles’  (Mikes, Tims and Jons are just some examples) but I guess the key thing isn’t so much the design as what you’re writing.

More than writing though is the sharing of ideas, sense of community and opportunity to reflect on youth work practice that blogging has created for me. Through sharing my work I have started to develop contacts with other people who are interested in the same areas of work that I am. Here are a few of the things that I’ve been involved in:-

So here’s to another year, thanks DK for the inspiration and here’s to the growing community!!

Come on – what’s stopping you?!?! Give it a go!!!!

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  1. One year – that’s AWESOME and great to see the call to action for other youth workers…

    I’m honoured to have played a small part and looking forward to working with you guys again to help you add more social media flavours to your stuff!

    Here’s to the 2nd year of being a blogger 🙂

  2. Congrats Billybean!

    Great to see that through blogging you have extended your youth sector networks/community.

    It’s also great that the peer mentoring aspect allows for professional development, instigated through this medium! Great stuff!

    Good luck with the second year! I am sure it will be a cracker!

  3. Hey Hillary, great to see that you’re still blogging and helping convert the masses to see the light!

    Myself and DK were over at Guernsey youth service recently and we met some very ‘stuck in their ways’ attitudes, but managed to twist some arms (nicely) over a couple of days and we left with a ‘reddie brek’ glow of accomplishment!

    Its so liberating being able to have a space and control it online, without having to go through another web company to get things done! I dunno where I’d be without it now.

    all the best – keep it going… as long as you keep qwerting, we’ll keep visiting.

    mark 🙂

  4. Stephen King said:

    Thanks for visiting my blog Billybean! I really appreciate hearing the voice of others and it encourages me to keep writing. I realize that there is a certain amount of vanity in wanting others to read my work, but at least I recognize that that negative characteristic exists within me. I do enjoy writing for the sake of writing and reflecting on my experiences though. The idea of sharing my thoughts with others was something I had never considered until just recently and it is liberating to put it out there!

    I hear you on the making your blog look better. I am amazed by some of the creative things I see. I know I am learning a lot on Twitter and I wonder if you have experimented with it. I have found the people there to be very helpful with questions regarding technology. If you are on twitter, you can find me @kicode.

    Congratulations on making it into your second year of blogging!

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