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Charlton Chase 2009

With wind, rain and snow taking up most of last week it was with some trepidation that I could be seen heading out last Saturday night to help out on the Charlton Chase.

This is an all night navigation exercise (depending on skills!) for young people from across West Sussex which has been run annually by the County Youth Service  since 1981.

The support base is at Seaford College (and our thanks to them their continuing help in providing this)  and takes place over open country so young people need to be physically fit, able to navigate at night, have a basic knowledge of first aid, hill walking and be able to look after themselves in adverse conditions. The course consists of six main checkpoints at which the teams can gain points for the completion of exercises designed to test their teamwork and initiative. This year, even with the weather we had over 320 young people taking part (!) in eighty teams and over 100 volunteers supporting the event.

A big congratulations and thank you needs to go to colleagues who put a tremendous  amount of hard work and effort into this, from the co-ordination and administration of teams, to sourcing volunteers to man checkpoints, to working out where the routes will go, to working on the night. And the main thanks must go to our Duke of Edinburghs Award, Outdoor Education and Accreditation Manager  who (amazingly) oversees all bases and keeps it all together in the run up and on the night (in conjunction with the day job!)

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  1. you’re very brave 🙂 I did a similar event in Birmingham years ago which involved me and a colleague shivering in a tent in the hope that we’d get found by teams of young people who then had to complete a task. I can’t remember what task we set them but it wasn’t very difficult and added to that the park was Sutton Park (the largest urban park in Europe – huge!) so the visits we got were very brief!

  2. You’ve got it…..this is very similar. I wasn’t so brave this year as I was there at the start and in contact at the end but missed out the cold, long night in the middle. (Just a few too many residentials for me at the mo) However there were many more brave people waiting out there in the sticks waiting for groups. Brave souls!

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