Blogging for and about Youth Work and Young People

A colleague and myself found ourselves in rural Wiltshire the week before last thanks to David Whelwell. I’ve conversed with David online both here and also through other online forums. He followed our China Exchange Blog and invited us to talk to colleagues from Wiltshire Youth Service about our blogging experiences. It was a really helpful and useful experience as we had the opportunity to truly reflect on our experience of blogging with young people. I’ve been trying to make sure that I keep using video etc to support this blog so the short animoto video below shows a little of what we did. (I’m still learning what photos to take and haven’t yet worked out how to add video to this as I’ve seen others do).

Anyway, back to the day itself… what was key was the sharing of our experiences with others and hearing what youth workers were currently trying out in Wiltshire. There were some interesting discussions and sharing of information. What struck me during these discussions was the need to have an interest and be prepared to have a go with digital media even if you’re not too sure where it’s going to take you! One definate  ‘take away’ for me was their investment in using online resources for training youth workers, something I think is essential for developing digital skills and confidence in our staff and that I will be sharing with our training staff.

Comments on: "Blogging and Wiltshire Youth Service" (5)

  1. Well done Hilary! Have posted this on the NVQ SNS and sent the link to all the youth workers! This is an “added value” blog to your presentation!


  2. Thanks David, I hope to add the presentation with voice once I’ve got time to do so and have worked out all the software to do so! It was a really good experience and we enjoyed the open forum chatting with colleagues about how blogging might be used in the future.

  3. Mark Hobbs-Shoulder said:

    Hilary, good use of the animoto/video clip, I didn’t notice camara. I’ve just learnt (following the mediasnackers tutorial) to use slideshare to load powerpoint presentations to the NVQ oline platform. I was so excited and pleased with myself!! Animoto is the next challenge…


  4. Great to hear you’ve been spreading the ‘blogging love’ to Wiltshire…

    If you sign up for the pro account on animoto you get to download the vid created and then you can edit it together with other stuff 😉

    Mark – great to hear you’ve been using our tutorials 🙂

  5. billybean said:

    Thanks for the tip DK – hope alls going well.

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