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Hurray! On Tuesday we finally held our first learning and working group meeting to develop the Social Media Strategy for West Sussex Youth Service. For newcomers I’ve previously written about this here and here. It was great to be meeting up again so long after our training with Mediasnackers. Colleagues experience ranged from those who only know a bit about social networks etc to others with substantial technological expertise.

We discussed the way forward, in particular brainstorming the reasons why we wanted to use social media. This led to some interesting debates about innovation and thinking outside of the box.  For some of the group the focus was more on learning about what was currently out there and how we could make use of these tools to enhance youth workers practice rather than actually changing or using the tools in a different way.

Part of the time was also set aside to share our own online discoveries and current practice. This was a useful way for colleagues to learn more about online possibilities and to gain more experience. We finished off sharing out a number of tasks with a view to posting them on our own ning site prior to meeting again in a few weeks.

There’s a few urgent areas we need to move on. I’ve been visiting a few centres recently and know that young people are using computers in them without any guidance posted in relation to both safety online and acceptable use. I’m also aware of centres publicising their activities on SNS and colleagues using their personal profiles online. Without wanting to restrict colleagues and young people I think that these are areas we need to address as soon as possible for all concerned.

Comments on: "Work on our Social Media Strategy finally Begins!" (5)

  1. mediasnackersstats said:

    Great to hear about your developments and very excited to hear how it unfolds… get those mindmaps up on and share them virtually!

    Go WSYS 🙂

  2. billybean said:

    will do – it’s just getting everyone au fait with the tools…..I can see another training session coming along!

  3. Hi Hilary – useful blog and thanks again for progressing this for youth work. After watching the youtube presentation, I was surprised about the related posts that appeared – some of them are, I would suggest, inappropriate, – have you got the age group set right – if set for U18’s aren’t they filtered?

  4. billybean said:

    Hi David

    Just checked out what you mean. I didn’t realise that related posts appeared. I’m not sure if I need to set the settings here or there so I will have a look. Thanks for pointing it out for me!!

    See you next week

  5. billybean said:

    Now worked out that you have to add an additional bit of code to the youtube video to cut out unwanted sites! Thanks

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