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Random 3 – Appearances

New year – new theme? i thought it was possibly time to change the look of the site so I am currently having a play with some different themes to see which one I think suits the site best.  This one is Andreas04.

Any comments welcome!

Comments on: "Random 3 – Appearances" (6)

  1. Hi Hilary – I preferred your previous one – more colour, more eyecatching! Does this do more?


  2. Hi David

    Thanks for your comment. I don’t think it does that much more, (technically my skills are very limited!! and I’ve just realised I don’t know the name of my old one, will need to check back! Thanks again, much appreciated

  3. Oh, I’ve found it, it’s called Misty….I’ll have another look for some more.

  4. billybean said:

    This one is called Andreas09

  5. mediasnackersstats said:

    Have to agree with David on preferring the original design – I’m a sucker for colour and simplicity – then again, it’s your blog 😉

  6. billybean said:

    Thanks Mark – appreciate the comments!

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