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Happy 2009! I hope that you had a good break and enjoyed whatever festivities you took part in. Here’s to a great 2009 with lots of new and exciting adventures in youth work!

Following on from my random posts before Christmas I thought I would keep giving a round up of how things are progressing down here in the South. I had a really successful meeting before Christmas (for me success was measured in the short time it took, the participation of members, and the amount of work done!) concerning the development of our LGBTU strategy. We have split the group into sub groups which are going to focus on Events / Social activities, PR and writing the actual strategy. This has been helpful in that it has really focused the work and enabled a group of us to start moving forward on developing different aspects. We’ve an update meeting at the beginning of February which I think will be very positive especially as there are some practical aspects within the strategy that we are developing that we can move on quickly.

lgbthm09aAs an aside for those of you that don’t know and might be interested February is LGBT History month which gives us a great opportunity to encourage youth workers to explore LGBT issues, homophobic bullying etc and look at ways in which they can challenge stereotypes, promote equality and work to prevent discrimination. There are a number of resources available as follows:-

For those based involved in school based youth work (although there are good links to other material)

For more general resources there is:-

And another site for more information:- No Outsiders

Comments on: "Random Post 2 – LGBTU Developments" (5)

  1. Hi
    Your work around LGBTU sounds really refreshing any chance that we could learn / share your eventual strategy?

  2. Most definately, things are a bit hectic here at the moment and the meeting was postponed but due to happen in the next couple of weeks. I’m hoping we may be able to set something up online too to share info with others. Thanks for your comment. All the best

  3. Maybe I should take the plunge and set up a lgbtq worker / project workers bloggy thing – would certainly challenge my web skills and knowledge.

  4. billybean said:

    I think there may be something out there already, or at least a colleague said there was….maybe we can have a look around and see? Let me know if you come across or set up something….we’ll be getting back to our strategy next week so will let you know how we do. All the best

  5. lgbtqyouthwork said:

    Have taken the plunge


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