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Blogging from China…

…is proving interesting! It appears that our WordPress site is blocked so our foray into blogging with young people has taken a slightly different turn with the group writing their blogs and then emailing them to me to post along with their photos. It seems to be working, so if you’re interested check it out here – West Sussex Youth Service – China Exchange 2008.

West Sussex Youth Service at the Great Wall of China

West Sussex Youth Service at the Great Wall of China

Comments on: "Blogging from China…" (6)

  1. Have you tried other blogging platforms like blogspot?

  2. billybean said:

    I don’t think they have at the moment. The challenge is having time to type and upload as they go, although we have asked for this to be built into the itinary they are doing it mainly as they travel on coaches etc on the laptop and then upload it when they can conect. Also we’ve given out the WSYS address to lots of parents etc.

  3. lol you’ve found a culture more digitally oppressive than local authorities?!

  4. billybean said:

    🙂 !! Who’d have thought it hey?!?! Still, it seems to be working, even though it’s a bit of a long winded process!

  5. This is a stunnig development for youth work – please tell Carole I’m impressed!! And, also, with you guys too – wish all services (and staff) were this forward thinking! I intend to show this at the next Wiltshire staff conference! Can’t say it will make you famous but – maybe the first!

    Looknig forward to more!

  6. Thanks David, I think it’s been trying to think a bit more laterally about how we might use blogging. By all accounts the young people are really getting into it – just a shame they can’t see the site but once they return they’ll be able to update and keep using it – or at least that’s the idea. Thanks again for the comments.

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