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Courtesy of Jose C Silva

Courtesy of Jose C Silva

Back in January Tim Davies wrote a post 7 Reasons why Youth Workers should be blogging. One of the comments from an individual studying youth work in Bristol was:-

“im currently in my 2nd yr studying youth work at uni. part of the course rightly involves students meeting together outside uni to discuss, support each other, time restraints means we have never all met up… why are we not using the resources other profesions are making full use of… “

In the local authority I work in a few of us have been sharing this social media journey and discussing how we might influence the training of new youth workers. One of my colleagues is involved in lecturing at a local university and following our training with DK and team from Mediasnackers is now looking to introduce some of what we’ve learnt about Social Media in her lectures.

I was also fascinated to see this Ning site from Australia which I thought was not only an interesting way to use social media to train but also meant that people had to use the site and learn how to in order to access some of the information. I’m now pondering on how I can take some of these ideas to use within the service with staff who are already qualified. 

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  1. Hi Hilary

    I have been pondering this a lot for myself. I may just use my university course as my own excuse to start blogging. For me the biggest question will always be “Is it of use?” followed closely by “Can I keep it up?” I generate lots of projects as a matter of course and end up starting a lot of things with young people so I always have to be sure that I have the capacity to maintain the input so that it doesn’t end up as yet another bright idea that went nowhere.

    One of the biggest problems I have at the moment is getting past the technical issues at the youth wing. I end up bringing a lot of the development work and online access home with me because the equipment and software at the office is just not up to it. We’ll have to wait and see how that develops.

    Glad to see you back online.


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