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Wow! What a great and informative few days we had last week. A group of 10 of us from across the county got together for 2 days of training by MediaSnackers, I’ll talk a bit more about it in a moment but why write when you can see a more dynamic version so…..

Thanks DK and team!!!!

As you can see we were enthralled! The training gave us a good overview of lots of different sites that we could use both between ourselves as professionals as well as with young people and demystified alot of the technology (I even understand all about my RSS feeds now, something I’d managed to sort of pick up but isn’t it so much quicker when someone shows you how?!?!)

I think one of the real ‘in your face’ aspects of the training was that with very limited hardware (a few cameras and some mobile phones) and a little know how you can actually quickly design some great looking, funky sites, create polls and share lots of information. Having the chance to explore Bebo was quite eye opening to all of us as it was really easy and as Tim Davies  mentions on the Youth and Social Networking Research Project Blog  it’s amazing how much you can learn in such a short space of time. Tims’ also developed a one pager on how to get started on Bebo but really the best way to work out what it can do is to go and have a go yourself, try it out! With so many young people interested and using the site it has to be easy!

The training really brought home to us how little we think and use the internet in developing our work and just made us realise how much more we needed to get to grips with the technology. However for me the fundamental questions still need to be answered, how are we best going to use this, and developing technology to do or support our youthwork? And on we go towards our social media strategy!!!!

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  1. Was great to meet you and the team Hilary. We had a great two days showing you how deep the rabbit hole really goes and more importantly breaking down those barriers 🙂

    As for the final questions – play, explore, adapt and adopt (like we demonstrated), built it into the culture there and the answers will come as you were saying in the final comments, at least know you can have the conversation with the shared vernacular and understanding…

    Looking forward to seeing, reading, hearing, watching, interacting etc with what you guys produce (and if you need anymore training or in depth consulting sessions it would be great to work with you guys again).


    MediaSnackers Founder / Speaker / Trainer

  2. Hi Hilary!

    Was lovely to hang with you guys and I really enjoyed doing my first MediaSnackers’ Youth Professionals gig with you all. I was so nervous- I was lucky to work with such kool, friendly people!

    Please keep us updated with the funky things you do with all the social media apps you have explored! Can’t wait to see how you implement all this stuff!

    I’m so excited!


  3. Hi Hilary – I’d echo DK’s “play, explore, adapt and adopt” – I wrote an opinion piece for CYP Now a couple of weeks back (don’t think its been published yet though) but I think one of the ways for getting the youth sector making better use of technology is to take advantage of the opportunities for collaboration – we need more people commenting on blogs and articles and more people putting their ideas out there so that people can comment.

    An example being the discussions on Tims ning network about policies for online interactions – theres already enough from those discussions to draft a good working policy and its from conversations between people who may never have actually met in person and with different backgrounds/expertise etc.

    This will take firstly a culture shift in people and organisations being more open about what they’re doing or thinking, and secondly more people to make use of the technologies available.

    The other thing that I think is important is to make a distinction between the potential to do ‘youth work online’ ie. exploring technology for the purpose of developing/supporting young people, and the second distinction of using technology to work effectively – this being exploring methods to improve workflows, save time, be more effective etc. in our work as professionals. Arguably each leads to the other but I think its valuable to regard each in its own right.

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