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Recently I’ve somehow come across and signed up to a social issues games list serve through Games for Change . I like the idea of various games that tackle social issues and wonder how we might use these on our youth work? For instance there is this game Budget Hero which  helps players to learn about the US Federal Budget by balancing values and money. Something like this would be great to support the work that we do with the Youth Opportunity Fund and our Locality Youth Forums comprised of young people who are responsible for making grants to other young people. screenshot Has anyone come across anything like this in the UK? The only site I really know of is DemGames which aims to show some of the democratic decision making process. Any other ideas or thoughts?

(And another first – I’ve just learnt how to do my first screenshot….been dying to work that one out for ages!!!)

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  1. Hey

    I’ve been really interested in games for participation / learning for a while.

    I did experiment with an online consultation game earlier this year:

    The budget and timescale on that was very limited – so it didn’t look very flash – but it got us really good input on a tricky-to-communicate set of consultation questions.

    The recent DCSF forray into wrapping a consultation in a game was also interesting: – although here the game seems to mainly be a mechanism for keeping engagement – rather than a key part of the participation itself.

    In terms of games based on YOF/YCF etc – there’s nothing out there that I’ve seen – but it could be a fun project to work on to get something created…. I’d be up for exploring what we could do if we got a few services together and planned something out…

  2. billybean said:

    Thanks for this Tim – I will talk to my colleagues here about it and also see if our Principal Youth Officer could talk to some other services to see if they were interested. I think it would be an exciting piece of work.

  3. Hi Billy,

    Thanks for the link to Demgames, we think games are a great way to engage people of all ages in social issues. is an interactive toy that we created to examine how the houses we live in interact with climate change – the aim was to offer ways for people to consider options for their behaviour. We don’t try and force through a particular for/against agenda on the issue: ultimately how we behave in society is an individual choice.

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