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How to choose….

what sites to use?!?! As I’ve realised that somehow I need to try and control my browsing and organise myself more effectively in this area i’ve been looking at different sites. This has been helped by the latest Mediasnackers report abouth which social media platforms / tools people are using as well as some replies I received to my last post.

In looking at them all it becomes quite confusing and I’ve been wondering how people choose between sites that seem to do similar types of functions (unless I’ve worked them out wrong.)? For instance I’ve been looking at igoogle and netvibes, and google reader and bloglines. As a novice at this its difficult to choose and I’m guessing it comes down to personal preferences. (A bit like when I launched into the world of blogging and seeing which blogging platform (getting more techy here 😉 ) I liked. Each pair seems to do a similar job. I like the look of netvibes but is this as efficient as igoogle? I can see that google reader is probably easier than bloglines to manage your feeds but again… do you find out which is best? There must be somewhere on line that does a rating system, a bit like this one I’ve seen here reviewing social networking sites….but I haven’t gone to look yet. Oh well…..and I thought this was all so simple!!!!

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  1. Social media definitely brings on the paradox of choice.

    Unless you spend weeks building a tool perfect for your needs (and the years in advance learning how to do that) then in my experience no social media tool is perfect.

    Because each tool is slightly different, and each person is slightly different – I’m not sure there is an obvious best in any situation (just as there is best layout for a kitchen, flat or house… it’s down to your preferences and how you make use of it..). Indeed, just like the house – when you move into a new space you would often be looking to find something that fits with your existing habits and patterns of working – but you might be happy to be at least a bit flexible

    I find the following question useful to ask myself within 15 – 30 minutes of starting to try a tool, and a few weeks later after using it for a while:

    Q: Given the quirks of this tool am I prepared to alter my working habits slightly to fit in with it – or do I need to find something else that fits better with how I work already.

    It’s a question that has led to me to ditch a lot of tools fairly quickly (sometimes I come back to them later)… but it also really helps me to build the social media environment that works for me and evolves as my needs do to…

  2. The only way to find out – play with them all… one will just fit more than others 😉

  3. billybean said:

    Hi Tim

    Thanks – I like the idea of having a question to pose after ‘playing’ for a while (or for ages sometimes as I try and work out what it all does!) I think when I started I didn’t know that there were all these options out there and this is what has been opening up my world and understanding of social media and what I can do with it. I just get frustrated at how slowly I go but it’s a good experience given that I’m looking at how to use all this with people who may have more difficulties and understanding than I do. (And at least I’m learning what I don’t know!)

  4. billybean said:

    Hey DK

    It’s just the time it takes to play……looking forward to the training and learning any shortcuts!!

  5. Hi, I just listened your interesting interview from Mediasnackers Pod. Thank you for that! Did you know that Finnish youth workers have had several online activities?

    For example they have put up Virtual Youth House at Habbo world. They have gotten really good response and lots of visitors to their virtual youth house. The whole development started from a project titled NETARI. They have their own web site – in Finnish. If you would like to get in touch with the youth workers, just fill up the form:,com_contact/task,view/contact_id,1/Itemid,26/

    I am sure they could give you good suggestions and share lessons learned! Best of luck to you!

  6. billybean said:

    Hi Soppa

    I’ve just filled in the form and hope to hear from the finnish youth workers about their work. It would be really interesting to hear what they’ve been up to and as you say, share any lessons.

    I think it would be a good use of some european money to see hwo we could maximise this sort of thing across europe and share experiences.

    Thanks for the info.

  7. […] reply on  the Youth Work and Social Networking Research Project blog.   Soppa comments on an earlier post that a group in Finland have set up a Youth House (similar to a youth centre) on Habbo but as […]

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