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A while back Mediasnackers were about to launch a campaign to inspire uk statutory youth workers to blog,  little knowing that they had previously inspired me at one of their presentations. DK has been very supportive of my blogging experiences and at the end of last week in the spirit of developing and learning I undertook my first ever involvement in a podcast for Mediasnackers! You can hear it here! 

A bit of a nerve wracking experience for me but quite a fascinating one. As a not very up to speed blogger I was amazed that I could be sitting here in West Sussex and talking to DK in Wales and that it could all be recorded easily enough and put on line. In retrospect I shouldn’t be that amazed as I have, in a past life, given a number of radio interviews and heard them on air and I guess the technology isn’t that much different. However it is something that we could make much more use of with young people in West Sussex. If the County Council can do it and share it on their website we must have the hardware somewhere and hopefully it shouldn’t be too hard to use some of this expertise! 🙂

In starting blogging I’ve discovered that your net spreads far and wide and that there’s often a lot of information you want to keep track of or go back to, particularly if you are commenting on other people’s blogs and having a conversation. As a newbie I found that I was then spending a lot of time chasing up things on line which I was getting a bit frustrated by. I’ve now discovered that you can get a thingy on line to do this, I’m sure that there are many different ones but the ‘aggregator’ I’m testing out is Bloglines. I think it does more than I’m using it for but you can ask it to track certain blogs and then they are all there in one place when you want to check them out. Neat isn’t it?!?!

In ‘scanning’ I’ve just come across this CommonCraft video that explains it all much more clearly than I can…..and I didn’t know that it was called RSS feed….I’d been wondering what that was!!!


Oh….and I’ve just embedded my first video….lots of learning today!:)


Comments on: "Podcasting and other blogging info!" (2)

  1. First blog, first podcast and know first embedded video – I have created a monster 😉

  2. Chris Cook said:

    So this is where Hilary is hanging out now …

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