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Still learning….

I still seem to have a few problems putting images up so I have been looking at how I do it. This one is an experiment to see how the whole slide thing works and comes courtesy of Tim Davies and his work on the Youth and Social Networking Research Project with the NYA. (And hosted by Slideshare.)


It looks like it’s working!

In researching information for developing a Social Media Strategy I have found this and other information that Tim has been posting really useful. I have almost established a working group of interested people across the county who are representative of all the staff here and we are going to be starting soon. I was wondering if there is anyone else out there who have already developed a strategy in this area? Any pointers, tips or suggestions would be welcome as always!




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  1. Looks like it has worked well 🙂

    We should have the report that presentation is based on out soon (in the next fortnight I really hope… I could probably send you a draft if it would be useful for any meetings before then…)

    I’d be really interested as well to hear from anyone developing their social networking / social media strategies.

    As part of the Youth Work and Social Networking research I’ve potentially got a few days of consultancy time I can offer to services to help in developing policy or practice, in return for the learning gained through that being shared as part of our research…

    And as we move into the Action Research part of our project we should be developing a bit more of a community / shared learning space…. more on that soon….

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