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Welcome to…..

… the lurkers!!! Yep, I’ve heard that there are folk out there looking in at what I’m writing and also my stats say so too, I just don’t know who! Thanks to those who have commented to date, it’s really helpul to get ideas and suggestions and also to have a dialogue about youth work and some of our issues. I’ve recently been challenged in some of my thinking on accreditation by Mike over at the Late Breakfast Society blog and am still mulling it over at the moment. More to come on that later!

For those of you who are maybe dropping by then do please feel free to comment – especially if there is something of interest (or not) here. It’s a tad lonely out here in cyberspace 😦 I’d love to join others in talking about some of the key issues that are important to us right now. I know there’s so many things going on in my head that it’s difficult to know where to start sometimes.

Well, that’s just a quick up date for today as I have a presentation to prepare for the County Staff Day tomorrow on European and International Youth Work and it’s going to be an early start. Can’t wait to hear from you!!!! 🙂 🙂


Comments on: "Welcome to….." (5)

  1. Perhaps any of the lurkers here who are not used to commenting on blogs might like to join in Michelle Martin’s 31-day commenting challenge:

    I took part in the 31-days-to-a-better-blog challenge that Michelle set in motion last year… and the focus in this years challenge on comments is great even for those who have yet to start blogging…

  2. billybean said:

    Thanks Tim – I checked the link from your page yesterday and as you say, lots to learn as well as being really interesting.

  3. Chris Cook said:

    Lurking …

  4. Chris Cook said:

    I just read the link looking at accreditation and I must admit as a newbie to the county culture it is a struggle for me to understand why we are doing it. It almost seems to me as if the cubs and scouts do it better – instead of stacks of certificates the badges on the t-shirt thing works much better. As an aside – how about web badges on their bebo pages!! Hmm – how to make that work.

    I think anything we do in terms of accreditation has to have some real market value – or seen to have value in a local peer context – instead of creating yet more national schemes that require everyone to participate and fit into busy schedules and that increasingly overlap each other.

  5. I found your site a couple of weeks ago, but have only just found time to read some of it! I was looking for youthworkers who blog and found you. There are a lot of youthworkers who work for churches who blog, but not many who work for councils. I’m soon to move from working for a church to my local council.

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