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Possible Youth Work Tool

Possible Youth Work Tool, originally uploaded by West Sussex Youth Service.

Following on from Tims note about cartoons I’ve had a go on one of the ones that someone suggested in his comments. I can see a lot of possibilities with this and have just added it to our weekly news email that goes out to the service….just experimenting!!!

Following on from DKs comments here’s another from another site. This one is an easier site as you don’t have to do everytihing line by line so it’s a lot quicker.

Comments on: "Possible Youth Work Tool" (4)

  1. Great stuff – you can also try: and – looks like you’re having fun 🙂

  2. billybean said:

    Thanks DK – I’ll have a look at the others – they may be a bit quicker to use as that would be my only comment on the one I’ve already done. Mind you as with most things I’m sure it gets quicker once you get used to it.

  3. Oooh – I’ve not seen the one you used before… will have to look into them…

    We should have a few APYCO bloggers and RYWU bloggers joining in soon… will have to make sure they join the cartooning as well 🙂

  4. I also like


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