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The experiment I’ve started with this blog seems to be going well at the moment and all the time I’m massively increasing my technological awareness .

Firstly – The small discussions that this work is generating is exciting and definately helps me to increase my understanding and awareness of the sector and other people’s views about it. I’m looking forward to the community increasing. Have you seen what  Tim Davies  is initiating with the BarCamp Youth On line  event? It looks really interesting and I hope we will be able to share and develop lots of ideas.     


Secondly –  I’ve been experimenting with using Google Docs for collaborating with colleagues. As a region we’ve been involved with youth worker exchanges with China and we’re hoping that this year we’ll actually be able to involve young people in the exchange. However trying to organise ourselves across at least 7 local authorities is quite a challenge as I’m sure you can imagine. I’ve written some papers etc to try and get everyones’ input and flesh out our ideas.  So far I’ve had one ‘out’ as their authorities filters won’t let them access this info and another is ‘in’ and has contributed to the document (far more easily than I’d thought would be possible.)

My only frustration has been my own lack of technical skills which mean that I can’t do everything I envisage but I’ll get there!!!! – Just discovered that the link I’ve got to the document above doesn’t produce a pretty picture like others do – oh well, at least the link is there!!


Comments on: "Online Learning" (5)

  1. Thanks for promoting the BarCamp 🙂

    The youth exchange sounds fascinating – and a great use of Google Docs 🙂

  2. Hi there,

    good job! Good luck with your projects and blog!


  3. Hello Hilary…Congrats for being the first regarding Media Snackers…I look forward to the both of us blogging away and hopefully watching it grow : )

  4. Nice reading the post. I have been looking for something like this for a long time.

  5. […] like the plan to initiate a youth exchange with China is likely to become a reality! As I mentioned here, after a number of youth worker exchanges we were hoping to set something up for young people. […]

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